Green Tara: A preview from Coloring For Meditation With Tibetan Buddhist Art by Tashi Dhargyal. You can find the full book here: #ColoringForMeditation
A makara is a mythical sea monster that is part mammal, part fish. Makaras frequently appear in early Buddhist stories about merchants and pilgrims facing peril on the high seas. In Tibetan art, the makara has the body of a fish, the arms of a sea lion, and the head of an elephant with tusks. In the symbolism of the torana arch, the makara represents the perfection of concentration. Excerpt from Coloring For Meditation by Tashi Dhargyal. To order:
More #ColoringForMeditation goodness! Our second preview for Tashi's coloring book with Wisdom Publications. Download, color, and if you want to share it online, make sure to tag #ColoringForMeditation. Learn more at
Manjushri (Boddhisatva of Wisdom holds a lotus that supports a dharma book, and a sword. The sword is flaming, and represents fiercely cutting down ignorance and duality. The book is the Prajñāpāramitā sūtra, and is symbolic of the attainment of ultimate realization from the blossoming of wisdom. #ColoringForMeditation Artist: Tashi Dhargyal

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